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Our Mission

At Morgan Sports Group, we take pride in personal attention and honest guidance. We utilize our experience and individual focus to maximize each client’s potential.

With our talented network of experience, Our goal is to grow the careers of generationally exceptional athletes and ensure that our clients can provide for their families for generations.

At Morgan Sports Group, we take pride in personal attention and honest guidance.


We utilize our experience and individual focus to maximize each client’s potential.

Dan Morgan

Dan Morgan was born and raised in Orlando, FL. He graduated from the University of Florida with degrees in Sports Management and Business, he then went on to receive his law degree from Stetson College of Law. He is a licensed attorney with the Florida Bar, is a registered sports agent with many states, he is NCAA certified which allows him represent college athletes as they “test the waters” and decide where to enter the draft or return to school, and is also certified with the NBPA which allows him to represent NBA players.

Dan got his start in the sports world as a personal legal intern for Mark Cuban in the summer of 2014. The following summer he interned under legendary basketball agent Dan Fegan, it was during this summer he realized his passion as he saw the way Dan Fegan was able to make a positive impact in his clients life as an advisor, attorney, and friend.

After graduating from law school in 2016, Dan got job offers from both Mr. Cuban and Mr. Fegan but decided to launch his own boutique sports agency and to join his family’s law practice of Morgan and Morgan (which is the largest plaintiffs firm in America with over 800 attorneys.)

Since launching this agency Dan has served as both an attorney and advisor for many players, ranging from first overall picks all the way to former all stars who are now out of the league. He currently also advises college and high school players as they navigate the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rules and try to capitalize on this opportunity with both advice, marketing opportunities and everything in between.

Dan prides himself on being able to help players with any situation that may come their way both on, and off the court. Dan’s main goals is to provide all his clients with long term financial stability and to push them in the best position to capitalize on the opportunity they have created for themselves through the countless hours of hard work and dedication to their craft.

Our Team

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Our Services

NBA Draft Consulting

We understand that entering the NBA Draft is a monumental decision that must be approached strategically and methodically. We take pride in personalized guidance and provide in-depth analysis for each player’s draft stock.

NBA Draft Preparation

We develop a personalized game plan for each player’s draft success. Our goal is to highlight our player’s strength, and ensure that our players are both mentally & physically prepared throughout every stage of the draft process.

Contract Negotiation

We use advanced data analytics, which provides a competitive advantage at the bargaining table. Our goal is to utilize information analysis and negotiation experience to maximize each player’s market value.

Dream Development

We understand that life on the court is only part of the journey for the modern professional athlete. With the full support of Morgan & Morgan, we are uniquely positioned to help our player’s make a difference in the community and establish philanthropic foundations.

Digital Consulting

Today, an athlete’s platform extends far beyond the court. From website development to content creation to social media management, we work to build our player’s audiences across all digital platforms in order to maximize their reach and overall monetization potential.

NIL – Name, Image, Likeness

With the recent NCAA changes we realize the tremendous opportunity for collegiate athletes to leverage their audience for national/regional brand deals, fan engagement and their own DTC merchandising ventures.

Our Nationwide Family Focus

Morgan Sports Group is properly equipped to handle all of your legal needs. Whether it be reviewing contracts made with teams, agents, or marketing endorsements.

Helping you set up a charity or a start up company. Or if you or a family member or friend needs help with any civil or criminal matter across the nation. 

We have you covered with a network of 
700+ attorneys in all 50 states.



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